Bharat M, Senior Sales Lead, Hyderabad.

Before signing up for the course when I first interacted with Mehnaz, I instantly realized how genuinely she was coming out to help and not "sell" anything. What really struck me was that she didn't try to model a force-fitted solution for my problem with what she can do, paying no heed to whether or not it is the right solution to the problem. Instead, she spent a good amount of time helping me understand in the most impeccable way what the real solution for my problem is regardless of whether it's in her capacity to provide that solution.

That's when I decided to go ahead and signed up for a three-month course to seek guidance in the areas of professional and personal challenges I'm facing in my professional life. She is an extremely keen listener and her communication is to the point. As her bio says, having gone through a fair share of problems herself in her life, she can easily put herself in your shoes to understand the problem, and come up with what and how you should do about it.

She also prescribes a wide range of psychological tools, frameworks, activities that can help you come out of difficult situations.

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed due to various things happening in life, we find ourselves confused and lack direction, she can help you demystify and find clarity easily. If you are ever stuck at crossroads due to any professional/personal constraints, Mehnaz is the go-to person.

All in all, Mehnaz is a terrific coach and I hope she impacts many more lives going forward!

All the best, Mehnaz!

Syed Taukir, Senior IT Engineer, Melbourne, Australia

Mehnaz as a Life coach has been instrumental in not only assisting me to put my professional life back on track, establish systems and help me monitor my personal development progress, but has also helped a great deal in my personal space mired with conflicts and confusions.

Our life is shades of grey, often complex and beyond comprehension, one area overlapping the other, so any time you find yourself completely in a conundrum of issues, difficult to articulate, let alone solve, would highly recommend you hire Mehnaz as your coach, it will be worth your time, effort and money.

Vignesh - Systems Engineer Bengaluru .

I was always interested in human psychology (thinking and behavior). I believe that people can achieve what they want if they are trained/guided properly. Instead of complaining about the problems, I try to find solutions. So, when I was confused about my life purpose and career path, I tried to seek expert advice.

Though I was skeptical about the guidance session as it was my first professional discussion, I was really impressed with the way the first session went along. Mehnaz asked me the appropriate questions, listened to my answers ,and understood what I was exactly confused about. I still remember how we discussed whether I have a problem with the job or career. Every discussion gave me more clarity on my thoughts. Mehnaz showed great patience despite me asking a lot of questions and during delays when I couldn't participate in a session. Every session was productive and I learned a lot during the session.

I really thank Mehnaz for her dedication and her professionalism.

Thanks a lot, Mehnaz !

Preetha,Teacher & Administrator ,Chennai - I reached Mehnaz for Personal Life coaching and i am so glad that i did. I started my session when i was in utmost depression and gave off. Mehanz holded me ,listened to me patiently and marked her meaningful guidance for all my mind struggles. She had noted even the minute detail in my case and strongly nailed them. I was astonished the way Mehnaz with her excellence has encoded all my rant feelings and gave a well framed supporting advice.After completing the sessions ,i really felt like coming out of an egg shell like a new soul to lead a Very Bright life....Yes,as she would mention ,Im now truly confident to take charge of myself and my life goals.Each Tuesday i will be diligently waiting for her call and her voice has become the sound of my sub conscious mind :). And to add, charges are very nominal where Life coaching is accessible for everyone . Mehanz is a pure soul and an Angel from Heaven.

Siva Juturu, Sr.Consultant -New Jersey -USA

I had reached out to Mehnaz for a life coach, She asks the right set of questions, listen serenely and note down all the points and come up with a detailed analysis. She has versatile tools and techniques that can help to make great change, gain clarity and creates the next steps. She is an amazing life coach in the professional and personal fields.

My Sessions with Mehnaz helped me a lot in a professional and personal end. Each session is helped me to get more clarity in thoughts and create the next set of actions. She offers good value with high integrity.

I would definitely work with her in coming times.

Jose Baptista-Entrepreneur, Germany, Portugal

Mehnaz has completely changed my life, to a better life of course. I would recommend Mehnaz at any time because I know everything she’s telling you comes from a place of passion and honest desire to help, she has enormous knowledge and experience and on top of that, she can connect and explain very well. Mehnaz is also at why time is available, no matter time or circumstance, and she will always try to make the best out of every doubt you have. Best coach ever!

Siva Kumari - Manager Recruitment,Hyderabad

A very dedicated and committed Coach, Speaker, Trainer and human being who is focused and charged to empower the youth with her wonderful enlightening Principals.

Mehnaz has a mission to inspire individuals to be truly themselves. There is always something to learn from her sessions.

Mehnaz has been Coach/Trainer/Counselor to our Milestone March 2017 Project and career roadmap definition for our OKR Framework and Key results; she provided a lot of useful Sessions and suggestions. It has always been a pleasure to work with her and to know her in person. Wish to work more with her in coming time.