My intention ;

Regardless of the service, you may choose, the result you will experience will be life-changing.

I firmly believe, there can never be any monetary value or a price tag that can equate to the change you will experience or bring about in your life

The fee arrived at ,is with an intent to add value ,with no compromise on quality ,to serve as many as I could ,at a reasonable price ,a WIN-WIN for you and for me.


Option 1 - One time payment - at signing the agreement/contract - 27000 Indian Rupees ,approximately (370 $)


Option 2 -Pay in two easy instalments

EMI 1 -at signing the agreement/contract - 18000 Indian Rupees ,approximately (247 $)

EMI 2 - before the close of the last coaching session. 17000 Indian Rupees ,approximately (233 $)

Payment Gateway for clients outside India

Payment Gateway for Indian Clients


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Email :

Phone : +91.9849.500.557

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India