All about me

Mehnaz Amjad

Life Coach ,CBT Practitioner MBA(HR)

About me

Mehnaz Amjad was born and brought up in Hyderabad - also popularly known as the pearl city of India. From a humble beginning, working as an administrative officer in a healthcare unit, to an HR Specialist at the global level, Mehnaaz has spent 14 years in the HR profession and then decided to embark on the journey of being a Life Coach.

Guide and Advice were thus established in the year 2017 to pursue her dream of making a difference in people's lives through meaningful guidance.

Mehnaz has always been an introverted child, but an empath who holds an uncanny ability to articulate with absolute clarity what goes on in another mind, using this god gifted ability she has been able to live through her dream, and continues to invest to further hone her skills to be able to provide best of services to those seeking it.

Her deep observations about cultural practices that stem from belief systems and the profound impact they hold on the human psyche have always been her area of interest, besides this, she is also an ardent admirer of nature, and you shall find both these reflected in most of her coaching work.

At leisure you will find her either reading, cooking or attending to her mini garden which has many plants whom she considered as her friends.

Tangible results you can expect when you sign up and enroll ;

  • Learn the Meta-skill of the twenty first century

  • Understand your self and also how others see you

  • Understand what was the real reason of your failures in life

  • Learn, what can make you overcome these failures

  • Learn what's most important for you in life , that influence and guides you all the time

  • Learn, what you want to experience and achieve

  • Learn what are your most difficult emotions that has held you back.