All about me

When I first learned, that I was an HSP- Highly sensitive person ,it was not too pleasant a learning for my own awareness ,but with time and assistance from my coaches and mentors , I've learnt the effective ways to combat negative thoughts and disempowering beliefs I held about my own self.

I've experienced grief , in many forms and at different stages in life , the most recent being demise of my father ,as his caregiver and coach it left me with a deep void ,but also many wise lessons to learn from.

Why do you need help ?

My life was not always like this ,I did stay stuck in many areas of my life for many years , procrastinating ,blaming others ,complacent, happy with the status quo, fearing change ,thinking through the help of self-help books or few motivational videos' or content ,I can figure it all out .

As a result ,not only did I missed out on several key milestones and opportunities, my skills and abilities also got eroded with time .

It was only after investing in not one but various different coaches,mentors at different point in time , I was able to set right a lot for myself ,including taking ownership of who I'm !

I believe , If I was able to get through and achieve so much ,you can equally find it beneficial .

Hire help for yourself , the best investment you would ever make for your "Self".

And if you chose to hire me , let me guarantee you ,We are together in this journey ,to overcome the odds of Life, the effective way !

Mehnaz Amjad

Life Coach ,CBT Practitioner MBA(HR)

Who do I serve ?

  1. Both women and men

  2. People who find themselves stuck in life due to setbacks

  3. People experiencing grief & loss in life

  4. People seeking clarity and direction in life .

  5. How to move forward and let go

How I work?

  1. I provide a safe space for my clients, with utmost confidentiality ,where one could divulge anything without being judged or any fear.

  2. I work with my clients over several sessions to arrive at the root cause of the entire issue, help them reconnect back to their self and find a way out.

  3. The entire process involves the usage of a wide variety of tools and techniques and may vary from person to person.

Who I service :

Some of the results and outcomes my clients have achieved through my services are :

  1. Build a "Forward action Plan" for Life Ahead

  2. Explore part of Life to Let Go, and which one to Build on through exercising radical acceptance.

  3. Learn to Self Introspect, Self Reflect and Self Regulate

  4. Understand the stage of Grief one is at .

  5. Build resilience , to recover from Grief and Loss

  6. Adapt a shift in mindsets and perspectives ,with a more realistic approach towards life.

  7. Learn the "Guilt Traps" of Grief and find a way out.

Why I offer these services of Coaching , CBT Therapy and Mentoring :

  1. It's my source of living

  2. To support people in their difficult times through my knowledge skills and abilities put together

  3. To achieve my Motto : To assist people succeed at life through meaningful guidance

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