All about me

As a HSP Highly sensitive person ,I've been through my share of emotional turmoil's ,despair ,confusions, thinking errors, wrong decisions ,lacking self awareness , episodes of extreme anxiety, sadness and stress.

Through Coaching, I've have been able to not only overcome it, but have designed my own personal growth plan in action.

I believe , If I can, so can you.....You're not alone!

We are together in this journey ,through Life Coaching to overcome the odds of Life, the effective way .

Mehnaz Amjad

Life Coach ,CBT Practitioner MBA(HR)

My Core Area of Coaching : Mindset and Accountability

Example of my clientele :

Mary , VP HR of a Leading Pharma firm ,seek to meet few personal goals ,which she has only in her mind for a long time ,but was not able to ever get them done, her constant complain is lack of time ,priorities and focus and she just do not know where to begin from.

Judy, a senior analyst ,wants to explore new career options ,but the loans and debt ,along with family responsibilities ,has held her stuck in one place, she wants to unstuck!

Ruby , a medical practitioner ,has been putting up with toxic relationships ,both at workplace and in personal life, because she does not know how to own her self and set healthy boundaries

David , A software engineer, who want to move into movies and the world of cinema, but does not know how to. Seeking clarity and direction in Life.

Ellie ,a jewelry designer , sandwiched between aging parents and demanding family needs . In need of a method to organize her self and life, including arriving at few wise decisions related to work and self.

And the list goes on...

As a Life Coach,and a CBT Practitioner, my role is to act as my client “thinking partner” and help amplify their innate power, and facilitate for them, to find solutions through their very own "self".

The Methods of Coaching followed

Method 1 is Individual ,One-on-One Coaching mostly online ,virtually.

Method 2 Group Coaching

If you are interested in working together, please e-mail:

+91 9849500557

Serious and appropriate inquiries only.

As a Life Coach and a CBT practitioner ,my aim is to Coach people ,so that I could assist as many as I could from my knowledge ,skills and abilities gathered from more than 15 years into the space of problem solving and personal growth.

Who I service :

I've coached and practice CBT to a variety of individuals, both adult men and women. My clients list include homemakers to working professionals , from different walks of life , at times, I also mentor college students and new job entrants in the corporate world.

The purpose of my coaching and service is to help individuals change for better ,and live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Some of the results my clients have achieved through my services of Coaching & CBT include:

  1. Self & Personal Development

  2. Explore part of Life to Let Go, and which one to Build on through exercising radical acceptance.

  3. Learn to Self Introspect, Self Reflect and Self Regulate

  4. Find meaning and Purpose of Life

  5. A deeper understanding of one's inner self ,through increased (Self Awareness)

  6. Build Resilience , and design a better version of one's own self

  7. Identify Thinking errors and best ways to combat them

  8. Achieve a better sense of peace, happiness, and fulfillment

  9. Learn the ability to make better decisions wisely and with more certainty.

  10. Adapt a shift in mindsets and perspectives ,with a more realistic approach towards life.