Know your Coach

As a Life Coach ,I help people become adept in dealing with all matters,issues and problems of Life in a more effective way, this is done by assisting people embark on an inward journey to the inner self ,by raising their self-awareness.

My Approach :

As a Life Coach, my role is to act as my client “thinking partner” and help amplify their innate power, and facilitate for them, to find solutions through their very own "self".

The Methods of Coaching followed

Method 1 is Individual ,1:1 Coaching either online or in-person

Method 2 Group Coaching

The Mode of Coaching followed

Online via (Zoom,Skype or Whats-app) & also In-person at my office.

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About me ...

With more than a decade of experience in Human Resources, have extensively worked into the space of managing and regulating human conditions mired by various problems of life.

I chose to be a Coach ,so that I could assist as many as I could from my knowledge ,skills and abilities gathered from more than 15 years into the space of problem solving .

Key areas I coach on :

I coach a variety of individuals,assisting people get better in different spheres of life

My coaching enables people to find solution to their problems and issue through their very own "Self"

Some of the results my clients have achieved through coaching include:

• Increased Self-awareness

• Increased belief in oneself and one's abilities.

• A deeper understanding of one's inner self including one's blind spots

• Designed a better version of their own self

• Making an effective use of time and being more organized at Life

• A greater sense of peace, happiness, and fulfillment both in personal and professional space

• The ability to make better decisions wisely and with more certainty

• Shift in mindsets and perspectives ,with a more realistic approach towards life

• Ability to manage emotions in a smarter way

Credentials & Associations

ICF Membership

PMP license


ITIL Certificate