CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Do you suffer from ;

  • Anxiety

  • Worry Behavior

  • Ruminating about a particular issue again and again

  • Self defeating beliefs (Example ; I'm not enough , I don't deserve good things in Life, I'm a born failure etc )

  • Negative thinking or Mindset

  • Cognitive Distortions (Example : Polarized thinking, filtering ,catastrophizing ,jumping to conclusions, Blaming etc)

  • Cognitive Dissonance refers to {the feelings of discomfort that arise when a person’s behavior or attitude is in conflict with the person’s values and beliefs, or when new information that is contrary to their beliefs is presented to them.}

As a Licensed CBT practitioner ,I offer CBT therapy sessions ,helping people regulate unhelpful thoughts ,thinking errors ,and maladaptive behaviors through the ABC model of CBT.

How the CBT sessions will are conducted ?

All sessions are conducted ONLINE only (through Phone ,Zoom Whatsapp, Skype)

Duration : 1 ,3 or 5 sessions (varies with the case )

Fee : 1800 Indian Rupees, approximately (25 $) per session .

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To inquire for any additional details, write to me mehnazamjad@guideadvice.org

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